Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sidewalk Shoes

The following post was lifted, in its entirety, from Sidewalk Shoes. Pam, the site administrator, writes, "My days are spent teaching middle school special ed and my nights are spent searching for that perfect recipe."

She serves up delightful fragments of her busy life to her readers - along with helpful tips, book lists, and recipes. Oh, and an indolent kitty makes an occasional appearance. Don't you just know you're going to have fun at a place with a name like Sidewalk Shoes. Drop by and prepare to be charmed.

Silly Tip

Cooking Tips

Well, this is a rather silly tip, but I was kind of excited when I figured it out. So, on the off-chance that one of you might find it worthwhile, I'm posting it.

Whenever I am cooking, I am always looking for something to hold open my cookbook. Something heavy that will cause it to lay flat, but not so big that I can't read around it. One day, I happened to lay my meat pounder on a book, and voila! It was perfect, heavy enough to hold open the most ornery cookbook, yet narrow enough to easily move or read around.

See..silly I know. Not much substance to this post. But it's first week back at school, and I'm already exhausted. And yes, I know I had a bonus snow (rain) day, but I don't care. I need a nap.

Silly Tip

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Pam said...

Thank you for the lovely comments! I have to say I keep rereading the words "site administrator", I didn't realize that I had a title! I love it!