Monday, January 12, 2009

Ohio Farmhouse Revival

It's inspiring to look at photos of a renovation in its completion. It's a bit like making sausage; the process is messy, but the end product is delicious.

I found these photos of an Ohio farmhouse revival at Country Living. What a delightful dream - finding a charming old farmhouse that's a little worse for wear, and loving it back into its former glory.
Photos: Don Freeman

Integrating house and garden is Kevin Reiner's trademark — and the key to the revival of his Ohio farmhouse.

New Living Room
Simplicity of lines and trim harmonized new construction with old. In the new living room, French doors blur the transition between indoors and out, while white cotton slipcovers and a sisal rug create a relaxed atmosphere.

Harvest Dining Room
This 10-foot harvest table was rescued from an old general store; its linoleum surface peeled away to reveal honest wood beneath, which Kevin finished with a light coat of wax. The surrounding chairs are as individual as Kevin's frequent dinner-party guests.

Paneled cabinets painted a sober dark gray (Ralph Lauren's Surrey) lend a pantry ambience to the kitchen area. Classic marble on the counters emphasizes the sleek utility of the stainless steel Viking range.

Oversize Bathroom
Kevin created this oversize bathroom by removing a closet and part of the upstairs hallway. He kept the original claw-foot bathtub, adding fixtures and hardware to enable its use as a shower. The door, like most in the house, is salvaged; the differences in style from door to door reinforce the house-with-a-history feel Kevin sought.

Renovated Bedroom
Maximize usable space in small rooms, such as designing windows to open outward.

The Garden
Kevin planted pots of boxwood and a loose, informal mix of nicotiana, sweet alyssum, and dahlias in the two beds flanking the stone path.

See more photos here.

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Pam said...

Simply beautiful! I really love the garden!