Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a lighter shade of pale

What is it about this kitchen? Could it be the simple pendant light that hangs over a small table. Perhaps that incredible window that brings the outside pouring into the space. But then again, maybe it's those soft yellow cabinets. I'm a sucker for yellow in a kitchen because my mother always thought a kitchen should be yellow. Whatever the reason, this kitchen evokes warm feelings for me.

"Cabinets were torn out and replaced with recessed-panel Shaker-style ones, which were then painted sunny yellow, a departure from the suite of whites that illuminate most of the rest of the house.

The terra-cotta tiles on the kitchen floor were exchanged for limestone. In the breakfast area, a round table and modern wicker chairs are set in front of a wall with soaring windows that afford views of the garden with its striking urns and architectural embellishments."

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