Friday, December 12, 2008

Healthy Tips For Surviving The Holidays

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I used to subscribe to Eating Well Magazine. Yesterday morning, I knew that I would spend several hours sitting in a waiting room while my husband underwent a routine procedure - a procedure all too familiar to those over fifty years of age. Just before leaving the house, I noticed several out-of-date copies of Eating Well sitting in a basket in the corner of my bedroom. I grabbed a few issues, envisioning myself thumbing through the glossy pages, hoping to divert my attention from the results of my husband's procedure while I sat waiting in a room filled with strangers.

As I thumbed through the slick and colorful pages, looking at beautiful photos of appetizing and healthful foods, I recalled why I subscribed to Eating Well in the first place. The recipes are simple and healthful, the articles are informative, and the topics are inspirational - inspiring the reader to choose healthful alternatives which can lead to a lifestyle that enhances quality of life.

The following article is only one example of the tips and recipes you will find.

Holiday celebrations can be a major obstacle for people watching their weight. So how to avoid gaining weight, but still have fun? These tips and recipes will help you eat healthfully and deliciously all season long.

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